It's about accountability

I had this idea, or notion if you will that maybe I could put us on a path to accountability.

I watch the news and admittedly spend most of my time with what is called “the liberal media”.  But I have also thought for many years that maybe the media is liberal because they see and hear EVERYTHING.  Unedited and uncensored news feeds in to a station every minute of every day.  And someone decides what we see and hear, the varnished version of the truth.

Over the last year, the pitch of posturing, pandering and flat out lying as a means to an end is out of control.  You hear it from broadcast to broadcast.  Senator or Representative said this today about this.  But five years or 5 months ago they said that, a complete contradiction.

People change their minds.  But with the rush of getting the news out in a minute in the land of 24/7 news coverage, in that minute there is never an explanation from the guilty of why they changed their mind.  As if it wasn’t their opinion or platform before.  How many times have you heard, “I didn’t say that”.  Or, “That’s not what I meant.”

Enter, House of Hypocrisy.  Change your mind, please.  Just know, that you will be contacted by HoH for a thoughtful, factual thesis of your changed opinion.  Until your new opinion is vetted and checked for truth.  You will remain in HoH   When your thesis has been cleared by the Oversight Committee on Hypocrisy, you will be allowed to leave the House of Hypocrisy and record of your reason for change will be keep on record.  And here on the HoH website for future reference.

We are going to agree to disagree on many things.  But we can not agree to disagree if we do not know the context of what the difference is.

House of Hypocrisy is open to submissions, just have your facts right and verified or verifiable. Email us at