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Information Overload ~ Truth in Advertising

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I was going to write a post about truth in advertising. So I Googled, “truth in advertising”. Then I got hit with an overwhelming need to procrastinate.

What prompted the idea to begin with? This post from a friend on Facebook.

What comes up first is this.

More of course, but you get the idea. Interesting that the first link, the paid link is somehow from a church.

Okay, next. I scroll to the bottom and decide to click “truth in advertising law”. That seems more like what I wanted. But the first thing that comes up, a paid search is from Ok, personal opinion, I am never satisfied with anything that I have clicked via This place is full of millions of questions and no answers. At least when I click it.

Okay, so I’m going to click it and see what it delivers.

Maybe this is why there is so much crap reported and spewed by the media, main stream, liberal, conservative or comedic. It’s all crap! It’s all crap because it fits into the personal agenda of each and every network, station or hack show that has been given air time.

How IN the WORLD are we to ever know actual facts when one side makes it up and the other side plays both sides of the story. Unfortunately, many issues have 5 sides. And every issue is not black or white.

Take Benghazi for example. Do people really expect to know now, even more than a month after the fact to know any facts about what happened? How it happened? Or what anyone knew about it? Granted my cousin Ronnie was just a normal guy, but he was shot and killed in Kansas City in about 1983. His murder is still unsolved. That was nearly thirty years ago.

Take this, for example. Romney said it himself when he said he had five sons and just because they say something a bunch of times does not make it fact.


Why does this infuriate me so? Maybe I read too much. Maybe I should read less. Maybe I should read one paper. Listen to ONE network for my news. No, I can’t do that! Why? Because no one in the media right, left, up or down reports the news with any interest in facts. They report it to promote their personal agenda, beliefs and opinions regardless of the facts.


The other day we saw this;

Do you take the word of one person as truth? I can’t. If you believe in Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity or Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddow or Laura Ingram or Diane Sawyer or Brian Williams. Why? Why do you put your belief in one person, one point of view? Even a complicated Google search can result in over a million results. My advice, do some Googling!

So, truth in advertising. Truth in advertising under the Federal Trade Commission Act, must be truthful and non-deceptive. Advertising must have evidence to back up their claims. Advertisements cannot be unfair. And who regulates this? Apparently, NO ONE! Not even the FTC, otherwise there would be NO advertising. It’s out of hand and too big to even attempt to reel in and test for truth.

In my opinion this happens for many reasons. One being who has time or the resources check all of these ads? There’s your job creation! The FTC can’t even keep up with just plain every day ads for sunscreen or miracle pills. Number 2, is probably personal agendas.

Some of you are angry. Some of you are pissed! But for the WRONG reasons. From every opportunity of anyone attempting to get what they want, they are not telling the truth about what they believe, what they know or what is truth, period. They want something and have a drive and ambition to acquire it at all cost.

No Jon Stewart is not news. But why is it that shows like his show actual footage and tape of the contradictions in politics.

A few results from page one of Google search, Obama contradictions and Romney contradictions. As you read through these, if you do. Please consider the source and consider what they provide for evidence to back up their claim. Is it just what they believe or do they have audio, video or verified written documentation that backs up their claim?


Anyone attempting to get what they want, may not tell the truth about what they believe, what they know, or what is truth. They want something and have an agenda and ambition to acquire it at all cost.

So much for truth in advertising.

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